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em_seabreeze 2D physics

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I have a question regarding the configuration of em_seabreeze2d_x. In the manual, it says this ideal case is with near full physics, and in my 2d runs the model appeared to be so. When I tried to expand the y axis so the domain became quasi-3d, however, the wind profile started to have abnormally high values. While I understood that this ideal case was designed for 2d simulations only, I wonder if the physics in this case are different from the ones in the real.exe case?

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I don't think the physics will change if you only expand the domain from 2D to 3D. if the wind speed becomes unrealistically large, it must be because some settings may be unreasonable with the 2D-->3D changes.
Hi Ming,
Thanks for the reply. So what you are saying is physics in em_seabreeze2d_x should be the same as real.exe, right? Like there are no minor modifications made specifically for ideal cases?

I apologize for the confusion. Please see the clarification below:
(1) REAL is a program to handle vertical interpolation and prepare initial and lateral boundary forcing data for WRF run. It doesn't involve any physics, expect that some variables are adjusted based on the physics options. For example, if you run with Noah land model, the number of soil levels is 4. If you with the slab soil module, the number of soil levels will be 5.

(2) WRF runs with physics and dynamics involved. Your can choose physical options for cumulus, microphysics, radiation, etc. Your can choose various advection schemes that are treated as part of dynamics.

(3) For ideal cases, changing the dimensions from 2D to 3D won't affect physics in WRF, but REAl mist be modified accordingly.