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Empty sst_input

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Hi All,

I have successfully created the wrflowinp_d01 file and now I am running WRF with options:

sst_update = 1,
sst_skin = 1,

However, looking at the variable SST_INPUT it contains all constant 0 values, although the SST are well defined into wrflowinp_d01. Besides, both SST and SSTSK display reasonable values, so I wonder how the model can simulate time-varying SSTs despite data from input are not read correctly? I am facing this issue in versions 3.8.1 and 4.2.

Thank you in advance for anyone who could help me to figure out what is going wrong.
WRF reads SST from wrflowinp at the specified intervals (auxinput4_interval ), then update SST and SSTSK. Please look at the file phys/module_surface_driver.F , and find the piece of code below:

! Update SST
IF (sst_update .EQ. 1) THEN
CALL wrf_debug( 100, 'SST_UPDATE is on' )
!$OMP PRIVATE ( ij, i, j, k )
DO ij = 1 , num_tiles
DO j=j_start(ij),j_end(ij)
DO i=i_start(ij),i_end(ij)
! check for lake model
#if (EM_CORE==1)
if ( lakemodel==1) then
if(lakemask(i,j).eq.1.) then
if ( xice(i,j).gt.xice_threshold) then !mchen


Hope this is helpful for you to understand how the sst_update option works.