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Error in getting timeseries data from LES

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I am running a fine resolution LES case and writing time-series files. It worked well when I ran the case with 29 locations. Now as I need more data, I am re-running the same simulation from start (not using restart) and doubled the number of locations to write the TS files. After some time I see the following error in rsl.error.0000 file and the simulation stops:

Timing for main: time 0001-01-01_00:48:09 on domain   1:    3.48464 elapsed seconds
Timing for main: time 0001-01-01_00:48:09 on domain   1:    3.48156 elapsed seconds
Timing for main: time 0001-01-01_00:48:09 on domain   1:    3.48578 elapsed seconds
At line 637 of file wrf_timeseries.f90 (unit = 30)
Fortran runtime error: Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown

I tried to look at the said Line 637 in wrf_timeseries file and couldn't understand where the problem is coming from. I have enough disk space where the simulation is running.

Any idea on why the TS broke? Is this something to do with the number of processors I am using (=40)?

Thank you
Have you set the namelist options below? if not, please set them based on your case and try again.


Yes, I have set those options so that I get data for all heights and locations. The only option I am unsure of is the buffer size. Currently I have ts_buf_size = 10. Does it have to change with the number of timeseries locations ? If so, is there a thumb rule or best practice to estimate the buffer size required ?

The same settings worked fine when the options max_ts_locs = 30, the only change I made was : max_ts_locs = 60, in the namelist.

Thank you