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Error in `real.exe': free(): invalid next size (normal): 0x0000000007bc9650


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Good day,

I am running WRF real.exe and am encountering the following: Error in `real.exe': free(): invalid next size (normal): 0x0000000007bc9650. Truth be told, I have no clue of the reason behind this error and I have searched the WRF forum with little luck in finding a similar post to assist me.

I have attached the full error report and am hoping someone may point me in the right direction on how to resolve this error.

Kindest regards,


  • Current_WRF_error.txt
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The file you attached doesn't contain any helpful information. Please let me know which version of WRF you run and what are your forcing data for this case ? Also, are there other error messages in your RSL files?
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Hi Ming,

Thanks for such a quick response.

I am running WRF on South Africa's CHPC and am using WRF version 4.2 built with an intel compiler.

I am using NCEP Climate Forecast System Version 2 (CFSv2) 6-hourly Products for my run, and am running the model from 3 Jan 06:00:00 to 31 Jan 00:00:00.

My rsl.error.0000 message is:
askid: 0 hostname: cnode0266
module_io_quilt_old.F 2931 T

I have attached my namelist.input file as well.

Please let me know if anything else is needed.

Kind regards,


  • namelist.input
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