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Error in real.exe when using CFSv2

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Hi all,
I am running a 2013 case simulation over the Iberian Peninsula, with nested domains 15-3 km.
I am using the CFSv2 dataset (pgrbh files with 0.5 degree resolution) and since it is pressure levels, I set the VTable to the CFS_press_pgbh06.
Everything works fine until I needed to run the real.exe.
I've set the soil_levels=0 and the metgrid levels=38 to match the input data. However, I am getting errors (code=1 and code=137) when running the real.exe.
When I check the rsl.error.XX file, I find this errors:
error in the grid%tslb
error in the grid%tsk

And that it seems that is not able to find some variables in the NETCDF, which I don't understand (just one shown).
NetCDF error: NetCDF: Attribute not found
rsl.out.0000:d01 2013-07-10_12:00:00 NetCDF error in ext_ncd_get_dom_ti.code INTEGER, line 83 Element FLAG_TOPOSOIL

Could somebody help me?
Thanks a lot in advance.


Some surface variables are not included in pgrbh files. You need to download eta files that contain the surface information like TSK, tslb, soil moisture, soil temperature, etc.
Here is the website that may be helpful for you:
For the CFSv2 data available from NCAR's RDA (ds094.0), you will need to download the "pgrb" and the "sfluxgrb" files to get a full set of atmospheric and land-surface fields. Because the CFSv2 is run on a six-hour cycle and some fields are not available at the initial time of each cycle, what I've typically done is to use the six-hour forecast fields (i.e., files "pgrbh06" and "sfluxgrbf06").

With a full set of "pgrbh06" and "sfluxgrbf06" files (perhaps organized into subdirectories for each day -- I think the files provided by the RDA don't contain dates in the filenames), you can link all of these GRIB2 files into your WPS directory at the same time with the link_grib.csh script and process them with ungrib.exe using the Vtable.CFSR.