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Error in restart run when wrfxtrm files are saved

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I tried a restart run from a restart file at 2015-12-31_00:00:00

Since I need daily extremes of temperature, I set my wrfxtrm interval as 1440 (one day) and the wrfxtrm_begin_h=17

The expected output is to have files save at 17:00:00 for each day to match the UTC time with the Local time.

However, the files save at every 17 hour rather than 24 hours as shown in the attachment.

Can anybody suggest me a solution for this?

P.S. This only happens for restart runs, other times it works fine giving daily output at 17:00:00 for each day (24 hours)


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Try adding this to the &time_control section of your namelist and see if it helps:
override_restart_timers = .true.