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Error in WRF–ARW Online Tutorial Restart Run page

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I was refreshing my memory regarding restart steps in WRF. In the Restart Run - wrf.exe page
You should have already completed the Single Domain Matthew Case before attempting a restart run. In the Single Domain case we started the model at 2016-10-06_00 and ran for 48 hours, creating a restart file every 12 hours.
I'm certain that the restart file is being created every 24 hours in the tutorial. restart_interval = 1440 (so 24 hours) is being used in the Restart Run page, and also in Single Model Domain Case.
You're absolutely correct! When updating the cases on the webpages, it's so difficult to catch every instance where updates need to be made, so I really appreciate your letting me know. I've corrected it now. Thank you!