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Error 'Nest over the pole, single input domain, longitudes will be wrong', but my domain doesn't over the pole


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I design a set of grid with three-domains, one static(d01) and two auto moving nests with vortex following(d02, d03). They are in Lambert projection.
But after 30 hours, the model stopped and show the error 'Nest over the pole, single input domain, longitudes will be wrong'.
I check the wrfout at this time: from left to right, it is the fields of PSFC in d01, d02 and d03. It seems that d03 is alright at the center of d02, and d02 is still in d01.

So why the problem occurs in share/interp_fcn.F? It seems that all the XLAT in d01,d02,d03 don't exceed 90°N.



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Can you please attach your namelist.input file, as well as your wrf error log file? Please also let me know which version of WRF you are using. Thanks!
Ok, I use the WRF4.2.2, the component from COAWST3.7. I found that when I set max_dom=2 and restart, the model can run continuously. Maybe it is the problem of moving d03? But I am not sure.


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When you run for 3 domains are you using met_em* files for domain 1 and 2? If so, can you try this with only met_em* files for d01. This means you'll need to set "input_from_file = .true., .false., .false." in your namelist.input file.

If that's not the case, can you send me your met_em* files you use for this, along with the correct namelist.input file. The one you sent was a restart file that started in Sept, but the error file you sent was for 8/30/2022. These files will likely be too large to attach, so if you don't have another link you can share for me to download the files from, take a look at the home page of this forum for instructions on sharing large files.

Thanks for your reply! I am still uploading the met_em* files but it failed. I am looking for other clouds, or may I send them to your email? The size of the whole zip is about 5GB.

I forgot to save the same namelist and I am sorry that I had revised my namelist. This time I also encounter the same problem(max_dom=3, true.true.false.) and the model stopped at 202208300900.

I also try "input_from_file = .true., .false., .false." , but it stopped at 202208292130.


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Thanks for trying to send those. If you're able to just upload the met_em* files that would get me through the model stop time, that would be fine too. You don't have to send all of them for the entire run. That will help to reduce the size. You can also separate the tar files into d01, d02, d03, for e.g. I'm afraid the large size will not send to my email either.
Sorry, it is still hard for me to upload the files. But I tested it with WRF-4.3 and it works. Maybe it is the problem when use the cu_physics=11, it can't work well in WRF-4.2 or WRF-4.2.2.