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Error occurred when using ./geogrid.exe

The error "Error in ext_pkg_open_for_write_begin" typically means you don't have permissions for the directory where geogrid is trying to write it's output. Can you check whether you're able to write a file to that directory? If that doesn't seem to be the issue, please attach your full namelist.wps file. Thanks!
Can you please attach your namelist.wps file (as a file attachement - not a screenshot), as well as your geogrid.log? Thanks.
Your namelist.wps file shows this line in the geogrid section:

opt_output_from_geogrid_path = '/home/shuibao01/WRFV4/WPS-4.4'

Do you have permission to write to the "WPS-4.4" directory you have requested to write to?

Can you issue the following commands in order:

cd /home/shuibao01/WRFV4/WPS-4.4
pwd >& pwd.txt
ls -ls >& ls.txt

After that, please attach the pwd.txt and ls.txt files. Thanks!
Okay, thank you for doing that. So I can see that you do have permission there, so that's not the issue. One solution would be to simply remove the line
opt_output_from_geogrid_path = '/home/shuibao01/WRFV4/WPS-4.4'
from your namelist. The geogrid output will then be written to your top-level WPS directory (and if you wanted, you could move the files to the other directory after). If you still get the error, then it must be some other issue. If so, will you please attach the full geogrid.log? Thanks!