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ERROR : The mandatory field TT was not found in any input data


Hello everyone,
Sometimes, I get the error message written in the subject of this post. This message is issued at the end of metgrid.
I underline that it happens randomly maybe once a week, while there is one run per day. The consequence is that wrf stops after the first wrf.out file has been sent. I have sent 3 files in nextcloud : gfs.f000, FILE 2022-09-11_00,
When I read the met_em file with Panoply, I can see a TT field with 34 levels from metgrid. When I read the intermediate FILE with the utility in WPS/util, I can see 34 levels in the field TT. What is really missing ? I don't know. It looks weird because the problem does not happen every time I run the simulation.
WRF 4.3.1
WPS 4.3
Thanks for any help.
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I guess you forget to attach the datafile. Please upload at least gfs.f000 for me to take a look.
By the way, where did you download the gfs.f000 file?
Thank you for your reply.
Actually the files are too big to be attached on this forum. So I have uploaded on NextCould server, as it is written on the "Including files" item of the forum.
The files are named : gfs.f000, FILE 2022-09-11_00,
I don't know how to copy the corresponding links.
I hope that you will find them.
I am sorry I cannot find your files in next cloud. We have WRF folder there, in which I can see "Forum upload" and "forum download". But there is no folder named "Including files".
Hello Ming Chen,
Now files gfs.f000, FILE 2022-09-11_00, are available on the server
Thank you for your help
I have downloaded the three files. Would you please send me your namelist.wps and namelist.input to take a look? You can simply attach them in the post. Thanks.
..But the date values inside the namelist files are not the right values, because these files are templates. I have a script that changes the date values.
The correct date is 2022-09-11 00Z
I have ungribbed your gfs.f000 file and run metgrid.exe to process the data. All work just fine and I cannot repeat the error you reported.
I also run REAL to process the met_em file, and REAL successfully run to the end.
Are you able to double check your issue and make sure it is related to the data and case you posted?
Did you also run wrf.exe ?
I have attached the namelist files that were really used. I forgot that I have changed target_cfl and target_hcfl values (sorry...). Could you check with these files please ?
If you need other files, now they are all gone. So we will need to wait for another crash.


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I cannot run wrf.exe because I only ungrib the single file of gfs.000 you attached.

Also, with limited resources I am not able to run specific cases for users.