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Error 'Too many land use types' occurred.


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I used WRF-UCM to study a region of my own. Everything is going when running geo, ungrib, metgrid, real except wrf.exe. I used my own landuse data and it is based on Modis MCD12Q1 data, which has 17 catagories of land use. I used it because I learned that some articles used it for WRF-UCM. I reclassified the MCD12Q1 land use data and added 3 urban catagories (LIR:21, HIR:22, CIT:23) according to the pdf file 'Coupled WRF/Unified Noah/Urban-Canopy Modeling System'. When run wrf.exe, 'Too many land use types' ocurred. Could anyone tell me what to do with this? I will put my index file of the land use, namelist.wps and namelist.input.


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