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error while runnning wrf.exe

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I am trying to wrf.exe without chemistry. I am having error message as below:
FATAL CALLED FROM FILE: module_sf_ruclsm.b LINE: 5123
Crash in surface energy budget

Attaching namelist.input for reference. I have just modified the domain 03. earlier domain size was quite big but after solving few errors I was able to successfully run wrf with and without chemistry with same namelist.input.

this time I have just decreased the size of the domain03 and I am having this error mentioned above..

Requesting you to please help to solve it.



  • rsl.out (9).0039.txt
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  • namelist (4).input.txt
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(1) I wonder whether you have rerun REAL after you change the grids of D03? I suppose so, but just want to confirm.

(2) Did you compile WRF-CHEM? If so, can you compile WRF-ARW, and rerun this case?

(3) If for some reasons you need to run WRF-CHEM, please post message to