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error with high topography

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Thank you for reading my email!
I have been using WRF4.1.2 with ERA5 data to simulate the case of Tibetan Plateau, I encontoured the follow error in real program:
----- ERROR: The reference pressure is not monotonically decreasing
This tends to be caused by very high topography
(i,j) = 143 244 , topography = 6820.835 m
k = 12 , reference pressure = 38544.95 Pa
k = 13 , reference pressure = 38650.05 Pa
-------------- FATAL CALLED ---------------
In the dynamics namelist record, reduce etac from 0.2000000
So it failed to get wrfinput_d0* file. I wondered whether it was related to the resolution of the nested grid, and I tried diffrent resolution test with the same area (70-125°E,15-45°N, the Tibetan Plateau is 70-105°E,27-45°N). I founded that the low-resolution (dx > 10km) is succeed, but the high-resolution area (dx = 3km, 4km, 5km) is failed with the same error. If the area is in the east of 95°E, the real program worked well. I want to know why I failed to simulate the whole area(70-125°E,15-45°N) in high-resolution area (dx = 3km, 4km, 5km), and how to solve this problem.
Anyway, thank you for any suggestions.
I attached the namelist.input file that I used for this case, please check the file.


  • namelist.input
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Thanks for sending that. Take a look at the reply given to this user who was experiencing the same problem and see if it's helpful: