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Error writing wrfout with large domains

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I have a domain of 1600 x 3 x 1192 points in x,y,z (the case is homogeneous in y so I don't need many points). When I run wrf.exe, the job can successfully complete, but the wrf output file is not written. In rsl.out.0000, I have a message saying "open_hist_w : error opening wrfout_d01_2003-07-14_09:50:00 for writing."

If I reduce the number of points in z, and keep everything else the same, output can be written normally. All posts I found online having this error message was saying netCDF large file support solves the problem, but I already have large file support on (I was able to got output files as large as 15 GB for my other runs) and still have this problem.

Is there anywhere in WRF that limits the variable sizes? What might be the problem?

Thanks anyone who has any idea!
Is it possible that you're out of disk space? Are you running a real case, or an idealized case (if idealized, which one)?