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Exactly how much space does WRF take?


Hello. I have installed WRF Version 4.5.1 in my computer, and I'm just wondering: exactly how much space does WRF take? In my computer, WRF only took around 36 GB of space. I installed WRF using a script that I found on GitHub; that script facilitated a straightforward "automatic" download and installation of WRF and its needed libraries (i.e. I simply had to copy the script to the Terminal and press enter). But I was expecting 200+ GB of data to be consumed, based on what my peers had told me. One of my peers installed WRF a year ago (it was WRF Version 4.4.1) and it took 235 GB of space.

I already tried testing WRF by trying out a single domain case from the WRF-ARW Online Turotial, and it worked (thankfully). But I'm just worried that my WRF installation is incomplete or something.

I think your installation sounds perfectly reasonable. I'm not sure why your colleagues' installation was so large - did that perhaps include all of their data, as well? Either way, if your compilation was successful, you should be good to go! Regarding htan2013's message above, the mandatory static data package is ~29 GB when uncompressed. It shouldn't be 200+GB.