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f951: Fatal Error: Reading module ‘esmf_timemod’ at line 1672 column 5: Unexpected EOF


New member
I wonder why Unexpected EOF error occured when compiling WRF. Because it's not an error about physics process or depend libraries.
I can compile WRF successfully untill I used "./clean -a" option, then I used "./confugure" and "./compile em_real". This error still exists when I compile a new unzipped WRF package.
This error never happened in my server before. How can i solve this problem?
Thanks for attaching that. Your compile log does not show those errors, though. Can you make sure to send the standard error and standard output to the compile log by using the ">&" syntax in the compile command? Please follow these steps:

1) > ./clean -a
2) > ./configure
3) > ./compile em_real >& compile.log

and then send the new configure.wrf and compile.log. Thanks!
.wrf file is not a vaild file name, so I changed it into .log file


  • configure.log
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Thanks for sending those! It looks like I've talked to other users who had the same error installing WRF with the same version of GNU that you're using. Since GNU is free software, can you try to update to a newer version (for reference, our NCAR system's default GNU is version 10.1.0). If that doesn't work, will you let me know if the latest version of WRF (V4.5) gives the same compiling error? Please also make sure you're following the instructions here to ensure your libraries are installed correctly and are compatible.
Thanks for your kind suggestions. I'm now sure it's a problem of compiler version (gcc, gfortan, f95), I downgrade the version of gcc and gfortran to 8.5 and those errors didn't occur again!
This is a really annoying problem, I wasted a lot of time on compiling WRF. I hope other researchers will avoid this error in the future.