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Failed to compile WPS

Yuchen Kang

New member
Hello, I've encountered quite a few problems when compiling WPS.

To be specific: I've compiled WPS two times, one following Compiling WRF
The other following Compiling — WRF Users Guide documentation

The index 1 and 2 in the attached files corresponds to these two results respectively.

I've enclosed the compile.log and configure.wps

My WRF model is working fine for the em_tropical_cyclone test, so I think I configure and compile WRF correctly.

For index 1 WPS compile, I didn't get any .exe
For index 2 WPS compile, I get the ungrib.exe, but not the other two.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've install the required libraries, and my WRF ideal test works fine. I've set the WRF_DIR corretly.


  • compile1.log
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  • configure1.wps
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  • compile2.log
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  • configure2.wps
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Since you are now compiling WPS, did you first compile WRF again for an em_real test case?
Can you also attach your configure.wrf file and compile log for your wrf compile? Thanks!
I have previously compiled WRF for em_real case. I redo this again, and compile the WPS.
The contains configure.wrf.

This time I get the ungrib.exe, but not the other two.


  • compilewrf.log
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  • configure.wps
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  • compilewps.log
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Thanks for sharing those files. The reason you are having trouble is that when you compile WRF, you are choosing an Intel compiler, but then you choose a gfortran option when configuring WPS. You must use the same compiler (and version of that compiler) for both of those. The WPS geogrid and metgrid programs have I/O dependencies from the WRF program.