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finding variable names


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Hello and good day!
Can someone please help me in finding different wrfout variables like RAIN_LAMB, ACINTS, CF3, DNW
Are you looking for the definitions of these variables? If they exist, you can check in the Registry/Registry.EM_COMMON file. Otherwise, you can search for the variable in the code (for e.g.,)
grep -i acints */*.F
and then look in the files in which they are found to see if there is any descriptive information (or you can access them based on the calculations).
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As I stated in the post above, you can find some descriptions in Registry/Registry.EM_COMMON, and others may be in the specific files (e.g., phys/module_*). You'll need to search for the variable to find it in the code, if you aren't finding what you need in the registry file.
I tried kwerner's suggestion in my wrf version 4.5, and got the description of one of your variables in the registry.noahmp while finding something else
Thank you for your response. I am looking for descriptions and use those variables. where shell we get those?
In your WRF directory go to Registry directory and try using:

grep -i acints registry.noahmp

If this works, maybe you can find the other variables among those files too!