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FINNv2.5 data+ .inp script


New member
Dear all,
I need to have fire emission for my simulation (WRFV.4.1).
I would like to use FINNv2.5. I read the following website:
to get more description about it, and also download some data
However, the data is in .nc format and not txt. So may I ask you please advise me on how can I access the right data ?
In addition, how can I make an appropriate .inp script to generate fire emission data?
Any help would be appreciated.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,
To answer your question of FNNv2.5, am sorry to tell that only netCDF format data are available. However, this should not be an issue because you can always read the data, then write them to intermediate format accepted by WPS. Please see details here:

Unfortunately I am not familiar with fire emission data and related issues. Please consult people in WRF-FIRE group.
Hi Adriana, you can access both the .nc and .txt in RDA. There are 4 products there, 2 for MODIS and 2 for MODIS + VIIRS.. the 0.1x0.1 files are netcdf (first two products) but the 1x1 km2 files (last two rows) are .txt