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Flash count value

kumarjit saha

New member
I have a query about the CG lightning flash count. I observed that the value shows decimal but I have a doubt if it is a flash count then its value may be a whole number. Please suggest to me why the flash count value shows in decimal.
The variable "cg_flashcount" is listed as a "real" variable in the Registry.EM_COMMON file, so it allows for a decimal.

state    real    cg_flashcount     ij     misc    1   -   rh    "cg_flashcount"      "Accumulated CG flash count"     "#"

In the phys/module_lightning_driver.F file, it is calculated as follows.

cg_flashcount(its:ite,jts:jte) = cg_flashcount(its:ite,jts:jte) + cg_flashrate(its:ite,jts:jte) * lightning_dt

which you can see can result in a decimal.