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Floating point exception error in wrf


New member
The model runs for around 10 minutes and then throws a floating point exception error. Please help in clearing this out. I am attaching the namelist.input and rsl files here for reference.


  • namelist.input
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  • rsl.error.0000
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  • rsl.out.0000
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I have a few concerns about your namelist options:
(1) why did you set etac = 0.0001 ? This value is too small. Can you set it to the default value (0.2)?
(2) radt should be 10 instead of 60 for grid interval of 10km
(3) is there any special reason that you choose the thermal diffusion scheme (sf_surface_physics = 1)?
Etac was initially giving error about being too large. If radt is not set to 10, will this arise in error as well? I have set the sf_surface_physics according to a case I am trying to replicate.