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Forecasting meteorology data in a far place


New member
Dear All;
I am contacting you to ask a question about predicting meteorology data by WRF.
I want to model air pollution dispersion of a stack using a model, and it needs met data. Unfortunately, the nearest synoptic station is far (50 km) from the unit. So I need to predict met data for this unit according to the data from 50 km away.
Is it possible to predict met data in the vicinity of the industry unit using the WRF model?
If yes, please tell me how can I do that or where can I find a guideline for this.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

[ bayat194 ],​

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to inquire about the possibility of predicting meteorological data using the WRF model.

My objective is to model air pollution dispersion from a specific stack within an industrial unit. However, I am faced with the challenge that the nearest synoptic station is located quite far, approximately 50 km away from the unit. Due to this distance, I am seeking a solution to predict meteorological data for the immediate vicinity of the industrial unit based on data obtained from the station 50 km away.

I am curious to know if the WRF model can be utilized to accomplish this task effectively. If it is indeed feasible, I would greatly appreciate your guidance on how to proceed with this approach or if there are any existing guidelines or resources available to assist in implementing such a prediction.

Your expertise in this field would be invaluable to me, and I am eager to learn from your insights. I am hopeful that you can provide direction or point me toward the appropriate resources.

Thank you for considering my inquiry. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Best regards,

[Isaac Ducharme]