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Fortran runtime error: Write exceeds length of DIRECT access record

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New member
I am using WRF v4.0. After getting the and and other domains from geogrid.exe, I want to convert it to .ctl and .dat for post-processing in GRADS. But ARWpost gives the following error:
At line 396 of file output_module.f (unit = 11, file = ‘./geo_em.d01.dat’)
Fortran runtime error: Write exceeds length of DIRECT access record

Wherein the *.dat file is generated normally and *.ctl is 0
Please, help me in resolving the issue
Hi Olga,
I am seeing the same problem as you with geo_em* files. I, personally, have never tried running ARWpost for any output except wrfout* history files. I do see, however, that the Users' Guide says it should be compatible with geo_em* files. It may take a bit of time to track this down, unfortunately. The ARWpost code has not been updated in nearly 10 years. Is there another program you could use to plot the geogrid output?
Thanks for the answer,
I use ARWpost for visualize the right location of my domains because on our supercomputer system ncl (ncl util/plotgrids.ncl) doesn’t work