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Do these debug statements still print out when you set debug_level = 0 in the namelist? Thanks!
Thank you for pointing that out. Are you familiar with GitHub? We have our full repository on there, and that is where we make all modifications. If you have an account, you should be able to create a pull request (PR) for this. Our code can be found here:
And then follow these steps:
1) Create your own fork from the top of our WRF code repository
2) Checkout the 'develop' branch
3) from that branch, create a new branch for your modifications
4) Once you're done, submit a PR and we will review it.

Some suggestions regarding this particular modification:
- instead of commenting out the debug statements, just simply remove them
- before submitting a PR, make sure to run a simple test to verify that results are the same before and after the mods (they should be, but we just have to make sure).

If the whole GitHub thing is completely foreign to you, no worries. We can handle the modifications, ourselves. Just let me know. Thanks!
I've never use the GIT software.

The code probably should be modified to use "debug_level" instead of blindly deleting the writes's. I just
commented them out, which was easiest for me.
Okay, we will create a PR for this and decide how to handle it within our group. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
Just letting you know that I made some modifications and submitted a code change request. You can see the information here:
Near the top, there are several tabs you can choose. If you click on "Files Changed," you can see the modifications I made.