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Future WRF and MPAS support / continued new releases

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I saw a link at the top of the WRF/MPAS support forum that was to pertain to questions regarding future support for both WRF and MPAS, but the link failed when I clicked on it.

As such, will ask pertaining to this subject here.

#1) Will WRF and MPAS continue to be supported and are future releases planned for both models?

#2) I ran the WRF model for a long time (15+ years) and still consider it a great model (I sent so many questions to wrfhelp and always got fantastic support! Kudos to MMM!). I since have started running regional MPAS cases and it, albeit quite different from WRF in its gridding methodology is a great model. I have hit a small snag, in that I wanted to introduce data assimilation into MPAS, but have learned that to use DART, I need to run fairly large ensembles. This I have to stay away from since I am running on a MacBook Pro and don't have the processor power/compute time to do this. I looked into JEDI-MPAS, but it seems to be not mature enough to dive into just yet. Furthermore, I always used WRF observation nudging/FDDA for data assimilation, and was hoping I could use the same methodology with MPAS. However, that is not possible in MPAS's current form. (One note - some researchers from the EPA and elsewhere developed an observation nudging scheme within MPAS in 2018, with I think MPAS version 4. Although all of their code is freely available online and I looked into importing it, the current version of MPAS (7.3 I think) is quite different so a straight inclusion wasn't feasible).

Given all this, the only model, as stated above, I know I can do observation nudging with and stay away from ensembles is WRF. Can I create initial boundary condition files with WRF and incorporate any local sounding/surface observations via observation nudging, and use these files to initiate an MPAS run? I know this has gotten long, so I"ll wrap up here. I thought I had read earlier (or heard from a colleague) that WRF support/new WRF releases was going away and MPAS was the new model to use. I would hate to dive into WRF again if its support is dissipating, but hopefully I"m wrong here. Please fill me in on the future support topic (WRF and MPAS) and also the feasibility of using WRF files as initial fields (analysis fields) for MPAS. I hope this all makes sense.

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused by the failed link to the support document. We will fix the issue.
To answer your question, yes we will continue to provide support for WRF and MPAS. We will do major release that includes new schemes/features and minor release for their bug fix version.
I cannot answer your question related to MPAS. I will send your questions to our expert.