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gen_be error 127

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Hi WRF forum,

Does anyone know how to fix the gen_be error 127?
I thought this meant that the wrf files NUM_LEVEL and gen_be_wrapper are not the same. This is what I have:

1) ./gen_be_wrapper.ksh:
Run Stage 4: Calculate horizontal covariances (regional lengthscales).
Beginning CPU time: Tue Feb 26 15:48:46 MST 2019
Ending CPU time: Tue Feb 26 15:53:42 MST 2019
Stage gen_be_diags failed with error 127

2) ncdump -h wrfout_d01_2006-08-02_00\:00\:00 | grep "bottom_top"
bottom_top = 39 ;

3) in gen_be_wrapper.ksh:
export NUM_LEVELS=39

I thought this would fix the issue, but it doesn't. I have also tried NUM_LEVELS = 40 and 38 just in case.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you!
Just in case someone comes across this, this is my gen_be_diags.log output:

FIO-F-217/unformatted read/unit=23/attempt to read past end of file.
File name = gen_be_stage2.dat unformatted, sequential access record = 1
In source file da_gen_be.f, at line number 2780

If that helps anything.
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Thank you for moving this to the right location.
Is there anyone here who knows what this problem may be or how to fix it?