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Getting Observational Data into WRF (WPS)?



I have ocean surface current observations and I have smoothed with HYCOM model data in Python, so I have a field of currents without any nans or missing values. I now want to get these arrays into WRF to see how the atmospheric boundary layer responds.

I am planning to get my output arrays as netcdf files and then convert them in GRIB2 using wgrib2. Does anyone know or have tips about getting ocean currents into WRF? Or about how to get the grib2 file set up the way WRF wants it?

I had read another thread about putting the currents in at the beginning of WPS and modifying the Vtable. My advisor wants me to run all of WPS and then look at metgrid and/or ungrib output to see about simply overwriting existing ocean currents with mine. Is that possible?

Any help is appreciated!
Edited to correct link to COAWST system.

Our group doesn't have any experience with ocean currents, but if you're not familiar with the COAWST system, it's an ocean and wave model that couples to the WRF model. Perhaps someone in that group may be able to help you with what you're trying to do.

If the observations are all surface level on the ocean, you may be able to use the OBSGRID utility to apply them to WRF, but I assume they are deeper than that.
Thanks for sharing that post. That helps, and you are right. It does sound like it's possible. Did you try following the method given by jgilbert on June 1, 2020? It sounds like they were successful in getting this to work as a constant boundary condition, and they provide details about their method, as well.