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GFS : migration from version 14 to 15.1

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Dear all,

A change within the GFS data will occur on next june ( : it seems that these change lead to a failure of the WRF runs : "error in ext_pkg_write_field" message obtained during the first step of the WRF run when reading these new data.

Does anyone know if it will be requested to apply a fix in our codes (Vtable.GFS/namelist/…) ?

Thanks a lot,
We haven't tried the newly changed GFS data. But we definitely will take care of this issue since many people use GFS as forcing data for WRF.
By the way, the link you sent seemed not work.
Thank you for your reply.
The correct link is as below :
Have a nice day,
Hi there,

The WPS (version >=4.0) is working successfully to integrate the next GFS.
In my case, I just have :
- to install WPS 4.1 and to link it to my different WRF chains
- to fix "pmin" parameter to "&ungrib" section in my WPS namelist
- to change "metgrid_levels" from 32 to 34 in my WRF namelist.