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GFS Vertical Levels - WRF

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New member
Hi everyone,

I need some help to be able to run real.exe and wrf.exe without interruption when the number of vertical levels provided by the GFS-FNL files changes at June, 2019.
How can I proceed?
Take a look at the suggestions listed near the bottom of this similar inquiry:

I am getting same problem with the NCEP FNL data. I am running the WRF model v3.9 form 2016-05-01 to 2016-05-30. But, in this time period the number of metgrid levels are different.
There are 27 metgrid levels from 2015-05-01 to 2015-05-10, 32 megrid levels form 2015-05-11 onwards.

I tried with pmin=5000 in the namelist.wps, but it is not working.

I shall be grateful if any one can help me to solve this problem.

Thanking you
Take a look at this announcement from when the data changed. Make sure you are following all the instructions - including using WPS ungrib V4.0 or later. You cannot use ungrib V3.9. Let me know if that helps any.