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grib files not being read


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Dear Admin,

I have downloaded grib2 file from the GFS server and saved in the folder path ~/Build_WRF/WRF/Data/GFS. Vtable.GFS file has been linked with Vtable in the WPS dir. But g2print.exe program was unable to read my grib2 file. Furthermore, when I tried to link the data, It was showing "no match" result. Commands and results were as follows:

./util/g2print.exe ../home/masud/Build_WRF/WRF/Data/GFS/gfs.0p25.2023011500.f000.grib2
edition_num: unable to open ../home/masud/Build_WRF/WRF/Data/GFS/gfs.0p25.2023011500.f000.grib2
STOP edition_num
masud@masud-Dell:~/Build_WRF/WRF/WPS$ ./link_grib.csh ../home/masud/Build_WRF/WRF/Data/GFS/gfs
foreach: No match.

I set the following environment in .bashrc

Can you please help me find the problem?

Hi Masud,
Can you share the "gfs.0p25.2023011500.f000.grib2" file with me? You can try to attach it here, but if it's too large, see the home page of this forum for instructions on sharing large files. Thanks!
Thanks for sharing that. First, to be clear, the first way you issued the command was correct - to only use g2print.exe on a single file - not to all files with the prefix "gfs."

And using your gfs* file, I was able to run g2print.exe without any issues. I issued
./util/g2print.exe ../gfs.0p25.2023011500.f000.grib2

I'm attaching the output from this. Unfortunately I'm not sure why it's not working for you since we are using the same file and a similar command.


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