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Gridded Urban Canopy Parameters addition to WRF


New member
Is there any documentation available to incorporate the gridded UCPs to WRF-SLUCM ?
It is intended to incorporate these parameters into a high resolution WRF domain of 100m or less. The high resolution data including the mean building height, standard deviation of building height, area weighted mean building height, building plan fraction, building surface to plan fraction, building surface to plan area fraction, fraction of the urban landscape without natural vegetation etc have already been generated and it is now intended to translate this data to the 100m or less WRF domain. Please note that it is not intended to use W2W framework for this work as data better than LCZ is available.
Hi @cenlinhe
Thank you for your prompt response. I have seen this documentation and as you mention it does not include the required details. However, I am surprised that no documentation or report exists for such a gigantic project

Could you may be guide me to an expert who has worked with the project so that I can have personal communication with him/her ?