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Has anyone used ECMWF's CERRA dataset as boundary conditions?

We haven't tested this data type in our group. Sometimes you can contact the support/management group for the data and they can help you to construct a Vtable. If you obtain one that works, we would love it if you'd share it!
Unfortunately, ECMWF weren't much help, so I thought I'd try and tackle it myself...

Do you have any knowledge on deciphering differences between g1print.exe and g2print.exe differences? g1print clearly extracts the GRIB code numbers, yet g2print does not... I'm wondering if this is a consequence of grib1 vs. grib2, but it seems a little odd g2print isn't displaying the GRIB code numbers for the CERRA dataset.


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Is the CERRA data GRIB2 data? If so, can you show me what g2print.exe shows when you try to look at one of the data files? Thanks!
Hi Kwerner,

The data is indeed in GRIB2 format. I've attached the output of g2print.exe for the three files (pl, sfc, and soil).

There are a few... issues. One of them being that the CERRA dataset stores 10m wind as wind speed and wind direction, rather than U and V components. I decomposed them, edited the SFC file, and tried again with no luck. There is also only 1 soil temp/moisture level, but ungrib doesn't seem to like code 151. I've also attached my work-in-progress Vtable, if that helps.



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Your 'g2prints' look okay to me. They are showing the values for prod disc, cat, param num, and level code, and those are the values you need for the Vtable - and it looks like you filled in the vtable correctly.

What do you mean when you say "ungrib doesn't seem to like code 151?" What kind of error are you getting? Can you attach the ungrib.log so I can take a look? I believe you are going to need more than 1 soil moisture and soil temperature level for WRF to not complain. If CERRA data doesn't have any more, you may need to use a different type of input data.
Hi guys, I'm currently starting to deal with the same issue. Let me know if you want to go ahead and build that Vtable together.