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Haw to use the ERA5 SST data for WPS ungrib.exe

I am not sure whether you have any specific issue regrading ERA5 SST? if so, please clarify your question.
We are aware of some issues in ERA5 SST. So please remove SST from Vrable for ERA5, and use skintemp. You can then follow the standard procesure to untrue ERA5 data.
Thanks,Mr Chen!Since era5 sst file is in nc format, I don't know how to convert this nc file into an intermediate format file that can be recognized by metgrid. Thank you very much!
There is also the question of whether SST updata in wrf will affect my simulation if my outermost nested region does not include the ocean.
If the data is in netCDF forma, you will need to read this data and write it to intermediate format. In this case you can skip running ungrib.exe.
The intermediate format can be found at

if your model domain doesn't cover any ocean points and there is no large water body inside the domain, you don't need to turn on sst update.
if your domain does include ocean points but your run is over a short period, e.g. a few days, you also don't need to turn on sst_update.