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High-resolution simulation of CMIP6 using WRF for period (850-2021)


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Dear Colleagues,
I wanted to know how to use CMIP6 data to drive the WRF model for the past, present and future simulations. I wanted to actually generate high-resolution data using the WRF model. How may I convert or use the CMIP6 NetCDF files as WRF input ? Did anyone use CMIP6 data to run WRF? Please suggest or share your experience with me so that I may run WRF. I am thanking you in advance!

You will need to extract the variables required by WRF from CMIP6 data, then write them to intermediate format. In this way you can skip running ungrib.exe. You still need to run geogrid.exe and metgrid.exe.
As a reference, please download the file (CAM2WRF.tgz) from the website WRF Utilities
This is a sample file that process CAM data for WRF. I suppose CMIP6 data should be quite similar to CAM data.
Dear Chen,
Thank you for your reply.
I am new to using CMIP6 data and I already used the grib format files to run WRF model. Could you please explain a bit more? I had not well experience in changing the format for input data to WRF. I will highly appreciate your direction and help!
The ungrib program in WPS can only process netCDF data and output intermediate format data, which are then processed by metgrid.
If the CMIP6 data is netCDf format data. then you cannot process it using ungrib. Instead, you can read the data, write them to intermediate format data, and then run metgrid.exe. In this way, you can skip running ungrib.
The code (CAM2WRF.tgz) can serve as a good example for you to read netCDF format data, then write to intermediate format data that WPS/metgrid can process. I guess you need to modify this code to make it work for your CMIP6, and this should not be difficult because CAM data are actually quite similar to CMIP6 data.