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hill2d compile and run

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Hi everybody,
I hope you are doing great.
I want to change the hill height and also the width of it to see the behavior of flow over that. What I have done till now is just get the source and compile it. However, wrf.exe and ideal.exe were not been created. It seems the error is related to netcdf path. After passing this step I need some help to change the hill height and width. But for now, could somebody help me to compile hill2d_x? The configure.wrf and compile.log have been attached. All I have done are as below:

$ git clone
WRF Model Version 4.2.1
$ ./configure
(33: smpar GUN)
(0=no nesting)
$ ./compile em_hill2d_x >& compilehill2d.log

I'll be thankful if I hear from you.


  • compilehill2d.log
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  • configure.wrf
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Most of the error messages in your compilehill2d.log are related to netCDF, which indicates that your netCDF library may not be netCDF4. In addition, the GNU compiler is also too old. Can you update to newer version?
Wee provide a webpage to demonstrate how to compile WRF and required libraries. Please take a look: