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historical NCEP SST download

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Hi wrfhelp team,
I am runing long simulation during 2001-2015 with WRFV.3.7.1 forced by FNL. I want to update the SST with NCEP SST analysis (rtg_sst). However, historical rtg_low_res is just available in 2018, how could I access to historical periods, such as 2001-2015?
Much thanks
Best, longfei
Hi Longfei,
Please take a look at the NCAR CISL website here:!cgi-bin/datasets/getGladeList?dsnum=277.7&gindex=3
This is daily SST data that covers the period of your integration. Note that this data cannot represent any diurnal cycle and the resolution is coarse. I am not sure whether this dataset can meet your requirement. We don't have other SST data products.
Thank you for your instant reply, Ming. Another question is, this dataset is in nc form, and how can I do using it in WPS process? The default format in ungrib is grib files.
Hi Longfei,
For the NetCDF format data, you can skip ungrib. Instead, you will need to read the data, then write it to intermediate format.
The intermediate format is described in

In this website you can also find a piece of code that shows how to write intermediate format data.

Hope this is helpful.