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How are you managing Fixes and Github release page codes?

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How do I deal with the fixes on the “ Known Problems and Fixes” ( and the downloads from the GitHub releases page ( ). If the date of the same WRF version on the releases page is after the date of the Fix on the Known Problems and Fixes webpage, does it mean that fix has been factored into the code or not?

For example, now, there is a fix for ‘Incorrect Pressure with use_theta_m = 1’, is it correct to assume that this fix is in WRF Version V4.0.2 posted on the releases page here: ? I didn’t see the fix file already in the dyn_em directory of the downloaded code

Maybe for now its one fix, but when there are many fixes, there is need to state what the procedure or protocol will be; it would be ideal if all fixes are then automatically put in the code
It should be assumed that a code fix posted prior to the date of the next release is included in that release. When I checkout either the top of the repository (which should align with V4.0.2), or specifically the release-v4.0.2 branch, or when I download the tar file from the GitHub page, they all seem to have the fix in them. How are you obtaining the 4.0.2 code? Can you attach your start_em.F file? Thanks.