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How can i link the binaries files generated by convert_geotiff?


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Hi, I am using SRTM files in wrf topography, as the area I want to study is big I had to create different geoTIFF files to be able to use convert_geotiff, then I had to make different folders for each geoTIFF file. I followed this post: Using SRTM1 data

In the answers they had the same doubt as me but I don't understand the solution, because if I link the topography files from one folder to another, the files are overwritten. I used ./convert_geotiff -w 4 -t 1000 file.tif for all, so the files have the same name in each folder. Is there any way to put all the binary files together in one folder?

I use WRF, WPS 4.0 and ubuntu 20.04.6
I would like to apologize for the long delay in response. Between holidays, unplanned time out of the office, the AMS conference, and planning for our WRF tutorial taking place this week, we got pretty behind on forum questions. Thank you so much for your patience.

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