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How can I run multiple instances of WRF from a single compilation?


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Hi! I hope I worded the question properly.

I need to do multiple WRF runs for different experiments. Does anyone have an idea how to run multiple different instances of WRF from the same compilation?

My current set-up is I have a master copy of my successfully compiled WRF, which I copy multiple times depending on how many different simulations I want to run. My problem is this can get tedious, especially if I copy multiple folders many times, link my met_em*.nc files for each copied folder, and then edit the different namelist.input files.

I want to do a cleaner approach where I have a separate folder where my .nc files are located, another separate folder with my namelist.input, another folder for my outputs, while I only have one copy of WRF. This will also allow for automation of many instances of WRF.

Is this possible?

I read from the ARWUsersGuideV3.8 that I can copy or link the files in the test/em_* directory and run from there.

However, copying the test/em_* folder in a different folder does not preserve the relative symbolic links. It cannot find "wrf.exe -> ../../main/wrf.exe" because it's now a different folder.

I cannot just link the test/em_* folder because I will constantly be changing the namelist.input depending on the experiment. Editing the linked file in the folder changes the one from the previous folder.

I am not sure whether I understand your question correctly. We run many cases using the same executable files (real.exe, wrf.exe, etc).
What we did is that, different cases are located at different directories, and in each directory (the working directory), we simply link real.exe, wrf.exe and input files like VEGPARM.TBL, etc to the working directory.