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How do I add vertical profiles of number concentrations in tslist?

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Dear Colleges,

There is a helpful link teaching how to add a new 3d variable in tslist:

However, I have issues with adding the 3D number concentration variables in tslist with number concentrations. The number concentrations of hydrometeors are somehow written in wrfout files with the names: QNICE, QNSNOW, QNGRAUPEL, QNHAIL, QNRAIN, QNCLOUD. However, I am not able to find the corresponding variables in the Registry.EM_COMMON file, how are they defined in the Registry?
The only variables I found in the Registry are qni, qns, qng, qnh, qnr and qnc, but they are static variables, and when I use those names in the wrf_timeseries. F file, the compilation shows the following error:

wrf_timeseries.f90(392): error #6158: The structure-name is invalid or is missing. [GRID]
grid%ts_qnr_profile(n,i,k) = grid%qnr(ix,k,iy)

I have also tried to use the same variable names as in the wrfout files (i.e. QNRAIN) but the compilation fails again:

wrf_timeseries.f90(392): error #6158: The structure-name is invalid or is missing. [GRID]
grid%ts_qnrain_profile(n,i,k) = grid%qnrain(ix,k,iy)

The only way that works fine is to use the following assignment in the wrf_timeseries.F file:

grid%ts_qnrain_profile(n,i,k) = grid%moist(ix,k,iy,p_qnr)

It compiles successfully and writes some results in corresponding text files when I run the wrf.exe, but the values are incorrect, the magnitudes of the written number concentrations are very small, similar to mixing ratio values.

Kind regards,
Would you please change the code from:

grid%ts_qnrain_profile(n,i,k) = grid%moist(ix,k,iy,p_qnr)


grid%ts_qnrain_profile(n,i,k) = grid%scalar(ix,k,iy,p_qnr)

(also the same changes for other number concentrations such as QNI, QNS, etc.)

Then recompile the codes? Please let me know whether you can get erasable results. Thanks.