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How do I create large scale forcing for WRF Cloud Resolving Model


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Hi WRF forum,

I am trying to run WRF cloud resolving model (em_crm) and I was wondering how do I create the, the large-scale forcing file. This file consist of several variables such as large scale zonal, meridional and vertical wind velocity, thermal advection, its tendency and relaxation, qv advection, its tendency and relaxation, tendency of zonal wind, tendency of zonal, meridional and vertical wind, and inverse relaxation time for scalar and momentum. I do see the mk_input_ls_forcing.ncl script to create the mentioned netCDF file, but how do I create the txt file with these variables that is used as an input for the ncl script? Thank you in advance, any suggestion is highly appreciated.

The em_crm core is not one that our group at NCAR supports, but hopefully someone on the forum will see the thread and be able to help. You may also consider reaching out to the group that manages that core.