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How does WRF find the matching boundary time for restart run?

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Hi, I noticed that WRF doesn't seem to verify the time information of wrfbdy_d01 against that of namelist: I tried using a wrfbdy_d01 of a completely different year and month from what is prescribed in the namelist, and the simulation can be finished without any problem.

If this was the case, how could the model know which time slice of wrfbdy_d01 to use when the run is restarted from a time in the middle? Say, my wrfbdy contains the info. of day 1 to day 30, and my restart runs starts from day 15. Will WRF be able to use the bounday info. of the correct day for the restart run?
Is this a real-data case? Can you look at ties in your wrfbdy by:
ncdump -v Times wrfbdy_d01

It should yields times such as :

Times =
"2017-02-25_18:00:00" ;

And these times must be within the integration period specified in your namelist.inpuut.