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How to add liquid and ice cloud water path into the WRF output

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I use WRF 4.2 and wonder if it is possible to add Total Cloud Liquid Water and Ice Water Path (LWP and IWP) into the WRF output file?

Thank you.
It should be possible to add, but this will be something you'll need to do in the code. I have some code from a user from several years ago that attempted to add cloud liquid water path to the module_ra_cam_support.F file. I'll attach that code that was added, but keep in mind that this was done many years ago, so the code may have changed significantly since then, and we never got confirmation as to whether this worked in the end, and it may be a different scheme than you're using. However, it could potentially be helpful to use it as a guide. You may also find some useful information here, and you can use existing files to follow as guidance for how/where to add things.


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