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How to add variable (liquid water path, LWP) to wrfout or compute LWP by myself ?


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Hi !
Now, I want to use LWP to analyse something, but how to add it to wrfout or provide algorithm that can compute LWP by myself?
Thank you, sincerely!
please clarify what LWP is.
Liquid water path (LWP) is one of the most important variables for modeling the atmosphere. LWP is measure of the weight of the liquid water droplets in the atmosphere above a unit surface area on the earth, given in units of kg m−2 (AMS Glossary). It is critical for understanding radiative transfer.
I want to know the area of modelling fog, however, the QCLOUD in single level can't accurately represent the area of fog because the range of fog in every level is different, and LWP can represent the range of fog effectively.
For example, the following image:
LWP can be diagnosed based on variables in wrfout (qrain, cloud). The formula is :
{\displaystyle LWP=\int _{0}^{p=p_{0}}r_{L}dp/g}

r is mixing ratio of liquid water, p is pressure.