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how to calculate e_we e_sn automatically?

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I want to simulation cases on 21/08/22,which data would the best, I used GFS, but it's forecast data ,if I used FNL ,the time step is 6hr,resulation is too low ,and how to set to my desire area, I don't calculate the area. If there some methods can calculate the e_we e_sn or i_parent_start j_parent_start automatically?
i_parent_start = 1, 53,
j_parent_start = 1, 61,
e_we = 382, 703,
e_sn = 382, 481,


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Although the GFS FNL includes the final analysis product, and therefore has been corrected for errors, not only is it only available every 6 hours, but it has a 1 degree spacial resolution. GFS data, however, is available every 3 hours and has a resolution of 0.25 degrees. We typically recommend using the highest resolution input, when possible. The choice is yours, however. You could always run a short (maybe 48 hour) test with each type to see if the results are better with one type.

Regarding the domain set-up, there is an older NCL script available that can guide your set-up. From this page, click on the link for NCL Design Grids file. Otherwise, you can just play around with your settings. If you enter some values and then plot your domain, you can then increase/decrease the settings to obtain the domain you're interested in (this is the method I typically use). You can also use this best practices page to help you with some of the recommended settings.