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How to calculate radiation from WRF output file

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I want to calculate radiation, but I don't have it in my WRF output file. Could you help me, please?
Thank you
what radiation variables do you want to calculate? what radiation scheme did you use in your run?

Thank you. I want to calculate the impact of aerosol on radiation. I think there are shortwave and longwave radiations. I used these options:(RRTMG Shortwave and Longwave Schemes)
ra_lw_physics = 4,
ra_sw_physics = 4,

Thank you
There are many radiative variables are output for rrtmg short-wave and long-wave schemes. For example, acswupt,acswuptc,acswdnt,acswdntc,acswupb,acswupbc,acswdnb,acswdnbc, etc. for short-wave and
acswupt,acswuptc,acswdnt,acswdntc,acswupb,acswupbc,acswdnb,acswdnbc etc. for long-wave.
Can you check whether these variables meet your need?