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How to change water body completely in static data

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Hi WRF forum,
I changed all Water(17) to Croplands (12) and I have writed the new static data to the geogrid binary format.
By the way, I choosed IGBP-Modified MODIS 20-category Land Use Categories.
LANDMASK and LANDUSEF changed correspondingly.
But the GREENFRAC didn't change correspondingly in geogrid.exe.
It is still the default GREENFRAC.
In attachments, I added my LU_INDEX & GREENFRAC to express my problem more clearly.
Please tell me how to change water body completely.
Thank you!


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I don't know what approach you used to change the land use point from water to cropland. But I suppose that you have information what grids are changed. You can change greenfrac from zero to the value you want to specify at this points. Note that greefrac is a 3D variable with the dimension of (nmonth, nlat, nlon), nmonth=12, nlat and nlon are the grid numbers in north-south and east-west direction.