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How to control list of variables written in wrfout files?

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Dear Colleges,

I need to reduce my wrfout files because of limited disk space.
How can I control the list of variables written in wrfout files so that I can save only important information?

Best regards,
Please take a look at Registry.EM_COMMON, in which state variables are defined. The 'h' in 8th column of each state variable determines the variable should be included in wrfout. Delete 'h' will exclude it. Below is an example to exclude p_hyd from wrfout.

Change the line from
state real p_hyd ikj dyn_em 1 - irh "p_hyd" "hydrostatic pressure" "Pa"
state real p_hyd ikj dyn_em 1 - ir "p_hyd" "hydrostatic pressure" "Pa"

Then recompile WRF. "p_hyd" will no longer be written to wrfout.
I carefully deleted 'h' for about 40 variables from the Registry.EM_COMMON file, recompiled the WRF, but the file size for the wrfout* files is the same.
I checked, the variables that I excluded from the Registry.EM_COMMON file are still written in the wrfout files.
Did you type ./clean -a before you recompile WRF? If not, please do so and try again.
In addition, how many variables did you exclude from wrfout?