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How to expand/merge SST data to WRF domain

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Dear WRF supporters and User,
I'm running WRF for 4 days in the Euro-Mediterranean area.
I would like to use an SST from the CMEMS operational model Med-MFS, but it does not cover the whole WRF domain.
Alternatively the missing area (part of the Atlantic Ocean, North and Baltic Seas) could be filled with the SST of the Glocal Ocean model from CMEMS.
Do you have any idea or suggestion how to manage this issue?
Should I convert the latter into an invariant field ? But I'm not sure Metgrid could merge the two SSTs .
Any idea?
I don't think metgrid is able to merge two SST data. You have to merge the SST datafiles in advance, and create a single SST file for metgrid to use.
Thank you Ming,
that's what I'm trying to do.
By the way, reading with attention in the WRF Users Manueal, I found an interesting topic at pag. 3-26.
Although less common, another situation where multiple data sources would be required
is when a source of meteorological data from a regional model is insufficient to cover the
entire simulation domain, and data from a larger regional model, or a global model, must
be used when interpolating to the remaining points of the simulation grid.
For example, to use NAM data wherever possible, and GFS data elsewhere, the following
values might be assigned in the namelist:

fg_name = '/data/ungribbed/GFS', '/data/ungribbed/NAM'

Then the resulting model domain would use data as shown in the figure below.
If no field is found in more than one source, then no prioritization need be applied by
metgrid, and each field will simply be interpolated as usual; of course, each source should
cover the entire simulation domain to avoid areas of missing data.

Did anyone use it?
Cound anyone recommend ?
Thank you
Hi Francesco,
This is a subject that interests me as well. I'm wondering if you were able to merge the SST data from two different sources using the User’s Guide suggestion. Thanks