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How to extract 2m wind speed (U) and turbulent heat transfer (Ch)?

Dear WRF-experts,

I would like to perform a diagnostic analysis of 2m temperature.
I saw an equation from here that it is computed from the sensible heat flux and 2m winds (U2m) and turbulent heat transfer (Ch2m).

How do I extract the U2m and Ch2m? They are not in the wrfout files...
U2M is a local variable that is only diagnosed in CLM. You will need to follow the similar approach to add its diagnosis in other surface schemes you intend to use . Then you need to make it a state variable in Registry and output it in wrfout or other output files you define.
Please see the document here for more details how to add state variable and output them:

As for the turbulent heat transfer, if you mean the surface heat flux, they are LH (latent heat flux) and HFX (sensible heat flux) included in wrfout files.